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MVISION Extended Detection and Response (XDR) includes cloud and network telemetry to extend threat detection and response beyond endpoints.

McAfee’s MVISION XDR solution directly improves SOC performance.

With greater control and a fuller context of threats beyond the endpoints, analysts can save time and act more consciously as they have a better understanding of threats – even before damage occurs.

What does MVISION XDR offer?
  • Proactive and useful data: Integration with MVISION Insights helps you proactively prioritize threats, implement countermeasures, and recommend appropriate actions to be taken.

  • AI-driven research: Facilitate research into advanced threat detection campaigns with AI-powered investigation, MITER ATT & CK mapping, and real-time tracking.

  • Cloud with Internet SaaS Threat Integration: Provides context for network activities and more comprehensive attack information, including improved visibility of any additional access vectors or command of control.

  • Network telemetry prioritization: Offers a better understanding of network threats by automatically correlating with selected threats to better prioritize and identify countermeasures to be taken.

  • SOC Infrastructure Optimization: Maximizes your SOC ROI by integrating with your existing SOC infrastructure such as reporting systems and Secure Orchestration Automation Response (SOAR) tools for more effective automation and faster mitigation.

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