Security breaches resulting from the abuse of privileged accounts can be catastrophic for your data. And it does not matter whether it is an administrator’s error or deliberate action to disrupt of the enterprise.


    • Privileged accounts allow unlimited access to critical resources: main servers, network devices and endpoints.
      • Lack of control over sessions using privileged accounts poses a direct threat to data integrity and security.
        • A privileged account hijacking can lead to data leaks, network infiltration and disruption of key services – which in turn irreversibly harms the company’s efficiency and reputation.


According to Forbes, 74% of IT heads agreed that confirmed data leaks in their companies at some stage involved using hijacked privileged accounts to abuse normal system activity.


When deconstructing public cyber attacks, we often see a correlation related to privileged account access. Privileged access is the gateway to your organization’s most valuable assets and is now the backbone of almost any serious security breach.


Here’s a look at a typical (simplified) attack scenario:

  • the attacker sends a successful phishing email to an employee to establish an operating point on the end device,
    • after determining persistence, the attacker escalates his privileges to access a server account that is using the same credentials,
      • from there, they can move sideways to access critical resources and data and ultimately cause damage or disruption to business.


PAM class solution is not only protection against negative results of user account configuration audit, it is also protection of your key resources by controlling sources of access to them.


PAM allows, among other things:


  • Monitor sessions using parameters such as: adding an external administrator after detecting an event, blocking a session after recognizing a specific string of characters, etc.
    • Manage passwords of key users in your system.
      • Introduce an additional layer of security, consisting in the acceptance of selected sessions access  each time it is needed.
        • Indexing the screen content of graphic sessions giving the possibility of full-text search of the content – no more hours spent on browsing through the recordings.
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