Data classification allows you to control data security defining rules and principles to be consistently and easily enforced. In addition, it also enhances effectiveness of security and management systems by adding new levels of intelligence to prevent data loss and archiving. All of this to increase return on your data protection investment.

Classifying data means organizing data into categories that make it easier to find, sort, and store. This is of particular importance for risk management, ensuring compliance with regulations, but also maintaining the culture of working with data in the organization. Data classification enables data security control and the definition of access and use rules.


Grading allows data to be electronically tagged – for example, “confidential business information”, “internal information” and “public information”. Provide your employees with a structure for working with data – we are subconsciously used to it.


Why is it worth classifying documents?


  • Efficient searching, sorting and data storage – thanks to categorization.


  • The classified data facilitates the creation of security procedures.



  • Classification included in the process of creating a document allows you to take the culture of working with data to the next level.



Integration with: McAfee DLP allows you to impose policies depending on the type of classification, Email Security Forcepoint or Proofpoint allows you to impose e-mail policies (e.g. no possibility to send) assigned with a specific classification.


Why Boldon James? Find out 4 reasons


  • Boldon James is a pioneer of data classification and secure communication solutions.


  • Technology that integrates with data management solutions.


  • Customer confidence in reducing risk and improving business performance.


  • 30 years of experience providing products to the world’s leading commercial organizations, system integrators, defense forces and governments.


What solutions does it offer?


  • Data classification.


  • Regulatory compliance


  • Classification automation


  • Security in the cloud.


  • Data Discovery.


  • Military Messaging.


  • Data leakage prevention.


  • Data storage and archiving.


  • Digital Rights Management.


  • Safe collaboration.



Boldon James products


  • Classification Platform – products that allow you to classify information from the level of tools used by the user.




  • Email Classifier


  • OWA Classifier


  • Mobile Filter



Documents and files:


  • Office Classifier


  • File Classifier


  • SharePoint Classifier


  • Power Classifier


What is data classification


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