Nowadays, you always have to consider the protection of customer and employees personal data. Additional security challenge for almost every organization data leakages caused by human error, lost laptops and misplaced USB devices. So how to properly ensure data security?


Data is called “21st century oil” for a reason. Their possession and proper use is a competitive advantage of enterprises. Your clients’ data, details of patents, salaries or pricing scenarios in the wrong hands pose a serious threat. An additional motivation to protect them (and for many the main one) are data protection regulations – GDPR, PCI DSS or HIPAA – and financial penalties related to them.


Data Loss Prevention (DLP) is used to protect data against leakage, both accidental and deliberate, e.g. theft. With DLP, you can monitor and enforce access and usage rules to your organization’s data in real time.


Top-class DLP must ensure data protection at every level:


  • on the move – sent over the network,


  • in use – when the user works with data on a laptop or workstation,


  • at rest – stored on end devices or in network repositories,


  • in the cloud – both at rest and in use,


and using advanced classifiers – focused on the content, not the type or name of the file.


What to consider when choosing DLP solution


How DLP assures GDPR compliance



The file encryption system allows you to protect files and folders from being accessed by unauthorized third parties. Thanks to this, they cannot be intercepted by people who do not know the password.


File and folder encryption provides an additional layer of data protection and is strongly recommended for critical data.


Protects data while your computer is on – Drive Encryption protects data on your computer only when your computer is physically turned off.


It allows you to implement encryption standards in your organization using centrally „pushed” policies.


It allows you to safely share files – without worrying about deciphering them.


McAfee File & Removable Media Protection


As encrypted HTTPS connections are becoming the standard. Why don’t we treat our discs the same way?


Disc Encryption provides full encryption of a workstation (mobile or desktop) or removable drives using top-class encryption algorithms. Full disk encryption prevents unauthorized access to data stored on the hard disk and is one of the most basic and effective ways to protect your data.


Disk encryption is an excellent insurance policy in case your hardware is lost or stolen.


McAfee Drive Encryption

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