Mobile devices are the main platform for communication and data exchange for many employees. Due to this reason, they are vulnerable to both attacks and abuses. Therefore it is worth investing in Mobile Security solutions that will protect them.


Mobile devices are the main devices for communication and data exchange for many employees.


For this reason, they are at risk of both attacks and abuses:


  • applications that require access to data that they do not need or


  • even created for exfiltration,


  • increased sensitivity to network attacks (phones most often connect to WiFi in public places),


  • lack of corporate priorities and user awareness in the field of mobile device protection,


  • telephones are more prone to loss or theft.



A Mobile Security solution will allow you to protect your smartphone / tablet against malware threats – be it downloaded in the application or sent via WiFi.



Additionally, a VPN will provide a private connection, and remote memory wipe – protection of data in case of theft.


MDM systems are platform for managing mobile devices working with various operating systems, operators and companies.


Thanks to MDM, you gain the ability to introduce corporate standards on mobile devices – for example:


  • control over applications downloaded to business phones – you can also remotely install desired applications on employees’ phones from a central console,


  • password change standards,


  • device encryption,


  • containerization – the “company” part of the phone is placed in a managed container, covered by company policies,


  • encryption of sensitive data.



When lost or infected, your employee’s phone is a threat – the MDM system is the absolute minimum that you should introduce.

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