At Stinet, we believe that in order to provide our clients with a stable enviroment to work and develop, it is necessary to use the latest solutions that will be able to withstand the growing number of new and more complex attacks.

The portfolio that you can see today is the result of many years of hard work on creating a complete tool that helps to detect, identify, analyze, evaluate and block attacks on the company’s network and end devices. We combine the best technologies to present a project that will translate into the safety of the client’s resources and provide peace of mind.

Each technology added to our portfolio is the result of a thorough analysis carried out by the technical and sales team. We carefully select the technologies offered to our clients by answering the following questions:

  • what problem will a given technology solve in our clients’ infrastructure,
  • how a given solution fits into current threat landscape,
  • what our clients think about this technology,
  • what is the contact and support from the technology vendor,
  • how the solution is assessed by the rankings of analytical agencies,
  • how the solution performs during tests conducted by our experts.

We deal with cybersecurity and if we fail, our clients lose more than just trust in their business partner.

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