Thanks to the use of artificial intelligence, security monitoring and management systems allow for quick detection of attacks and can present detailed threat analysis. Machine learning-based systems are able to identify, track and evaluate any device with access to an IP network in real time.


Network Detection and Response (NDR) is a new category of security solutions that complement and go beyond the capabilities of Security Information & Events Management (SIEM) and Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) products. NDR is a tool that allows your administrators to neutralize attacks in the early stages of Cyber ​​Kill Chain and introduce procedures based on the MITRE ATT&CK framework with detailed computer forensics.


With the widespread adoption of the Internet of Things, cloud computing, and the digital transformation, networks are becoming an increasingly valuable target for sophisticated adversaries, making NDR solutions an indispensable tool for threat detection. NDR is an excellent first step towards a more proactive security stance as it has immediate benefits and is much easier to implement and configure than SIEM and EDR.


NDR solutions:

  • monitor East-West traffic and apply advanced behavioral analysis and machine learning to quickly detect, classify and respond to threats,
    • automate reactions allowing the security team to focus on the most important network events.


Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) software provides security professionals with both visibility and history of activities in their IT environment. SIEM is a group of complex technologies that together provide a centralized overview of network infrastructure. SIEM provides data analysis, event correlation, aggregation and reporting, as well as log management. Although SIEM technology has been around for over a decade, today it has become a critical component of security strategies. So why do you need SIEM?


Short answer: If you encounter a violation and are asked “What happened?”, You don’t want your answer to be “I don’t know.”


Thanks to SIEM it will not, because you will get:


  • Insight into the details of a security incident – thanks to correlations and aggregation, you will get a full picture of the activities related to the attack on your network.
    • Regulatory Compliance – Providing insight into events and correlating them with SIEM will help you achieve a positive result for IT audits.
      • Effective incident response process – once you can see what is happening, you can manage it. SIEM will allow you to automate processes and involve the right people.
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