Nowadays e-mail is one of the most important business tools used in any company, regardless of its size and number of users. Unfortunately, it is also the most popular way of spreading malware and a channel used by cybercriminals to attack their victims.

E-mail security


E-mail is the main area of corporate communication, it is also the main vector of attacks – mass and targeted. Probably, by the time you are reading this, your email security gateway is blocking automated spam messages containing malicious links. Or maybe someone will click?



However, cybercriminals use more and more sophisticated attacks: polymorphic viruses, perfect imitations of real institutions e-mails or extremely reliable personalization of content.



Email Security Gateway is much more than just anti-spam – it provides advanced anti-malware, built-in DLP data protection mechanism, sender verification by SPF, DKIM and DMARC, built-in encryption mechanisms….



It enables you to:

Secure the most vulnerable and at the same time most common communication channel in your company against daily attacks.


Block advanced malware or phishing attempts sent as part of targeted attacks.

Protect company data – by verifying that messages come from the right sources and by filtering the content sent through DLP policies.


Targeted attacks hit businesses in a specific way and for a specific purpose. Obtaining data to gain financial benefits, social media abuse to destroy the reputation of another company, paralyze the traffic of mobile devices, etc.


ATP is designed to detect an attack at an early stage. This comprehensive solution by Proofpoint protects key vectors of targeted attacks.


It is a unique combination on the market based on 3 solutions:


  • Proofpoint Targeted Attack Protection (TAP) helps detect, mitigate, and remove advanced threats targeting people via email. It detects new and unknown attacks using malicious attachments and unsafe URLs. TAP stops attacks that use polymorphic malware, armed documents, and phishing techniques.


  • Proofpoint TAP Mobile Defense combines a rich background of mobile application data with an automated workflow to provide information and visibility to manage risks for mobile applications. Analytics data of 3 million legacy applications from over 500,000 publishers enables deep threat analysis to stop malware and data extraction of iOS and Android applications. Integrates with MDM, EMM and MSM.


  • Proofpoint Social Discover provides a detailed understanding of your impact on social media. Protect your brand in the world of social media like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram and more. Social Discover scans social media for searching, evidencing, and fixing fake or unauthorized social media accounts. So… how much is your recognition and interaction with the client worth?


ATP checks signatures, behavior and protocols, correlates them on 3 levels (see products above) and reduces response time to targeted attacks. If you are afraid of an attack via mobile devices, email or prepared social media – this is the solution for you.


Proofpoint ATP Solution Brief







Human has always been the weakest link in the chain of cyberattacks. He clicks on the attachment, enters the data or otherwise enables the attack. Users’ awareness of cyber threats is more valuable today than ever.


 Today, cyberattacks are a combination of technology and psychology – more and more frequent are:


  • attempts to obtain login details by impersonating a supervisor,


  • malicious attachments embedded in credible-looking e-mails,


  • malware downloaded as soon as you open a page of the temptation to exfiltrate data for financial gain.

The workshops are based on the need to be vigilant in cyberspace. They focus on bringing the so-called TTP – Tactics, Techniques & Procedures – a set of behaviors and methods from which attack patterns consists of.


Trainings are conducted in a personalized way – a different agenda is selected for the IT team, another for accountants – based on possible attack scenarios. Main topics include password management, recognizing email attacks, and computer hijacking by malware.


When market leaders opt for Cybersecurity Awareness programs – consider joining their ranks.

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