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While exploring the possibilities of a new approach to security – the eXtended Detection & Response paradigm, it is impossible not to come across two main players, CrowdStrike and SentinelOne, competing with each other for the major share of the market. However, our attention was drawn to a company that is on a straight path to get ahead of them – Cybereason.

Cybereason is growing rapidly and acquiring significant capital. According to VentureBeat, there is a hedging investment of $ 50 million from Google Cloud and is currently the best-funded cybersecurity startup with capital in excess of $ 713 million. Cybereason was founded in 2012 and its many employees served in 8200  unit of Israel Defense Forces, which performes in offensive and defensive cybersecurity operations and reconnaissance. And as for technology part…

As mentioned in previous articles on this topic, XDR’s job is to provide security analysts with a better view of the attack surface and the ability to quickly act on multiple layers of software. That is – XDR captures and correlates events from point products using a rich background of analytical algorithms and allows you to react appropriately. Cybereason XDR is powered by Google Chronicle (SIEM based on Google infrastructure, enables the use of security telemetry to improve SOC productivity). At the beginning of their “XDR Guide” there is a very bold sentence that – “It is the only AI-powered XDR platform that can predict, understand and prevent attacks on a planetary scale.” We checked and… we are able to agree!

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