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Until now, development environments were one of the key resources that relied on local applications. Due to the computing and hardware needs and the type of application – the main methods of secure remote encoding were either VDI infrastructure or a controlled RDP/SSH connection. This may change soon …

Microsoft’s cloud-based developer workstation is pre-configured with all the required applications, so developers and hybrid teams can access everything they need directly through a web browser. The Microsoft Dev Box is a virtual machine that provides developers with a “code-ready” workstation. Teams can set up images, assign or remove team members, and start coding in a new project without having to deal with the complex and time-consuming setup process first.

The Dev Box will be based on the same cloud foundations as Windows 365. Since the developer uses a web browser to access the workstation, security teams will have an easier time protecting the source code with the same technology they use for business users – Cloud Access Security Broker.

Some CASB functionalities are available as part of Microsoft Security services, but in line with the defense-in-depth principle, we incline (and recommend clients) to consider the technology from a specialized vendor.

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