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In the SaaS world, Office365 dominates the productivity space with over 250 million active users. For many of those, Office365 is the foundation for sharing, storing and processing enterprise data, making it an incredibly rich resource. As a natural consequence, O365 accounts and Exchange mailboxes are a major vector for attacks on enterprises. Whether it’s an attack aimed at gaining access credentials, spreading internally or uploading malware, the email inbox it is usually the starting point and the attachment is usually an Office365 file.

Today, leaders in IT security solutions are not trying to compete with Microsoft. On the contrary, they use their knowledge to strengthen the security of MS O365 – the most vulnerable attack surface. Proofpoint does an excellent job showing how Office365’s native features can be complemented to provide a higher level of security and make administrators’ lives easier. Here are 3 reasons, broken down into 3 areas:

1. Email – Proofpoint allows you to apply deeper URL analysis mechanisms including
  • Static and dynamic URL sandboxing to detect automatic file downloads, link redirects to another domain, or malicious code on a landing page.
  • Remote inspection of URLs that are not categorized by any solution. Proofpoint URL Isolation will allow you to connect to a link in an isolated environment to avoid damage to your production environment.
  • Automated removal of malicious messages from all infected mailboxes using TRAP – Threat Response Auto-Pull a proprietary mitigation mechanism.
  • Ability to prioritize a group of so-called Very Attacked People ¬- people who are much more at risk by targeted spear-phishing or whaling campaigns.

2. Data Loss Prevention extended with pre-defined data detection patterns such as:
  • Comparing text across multiple columns.
  • Enforcing and enabling blocking.
  • Validation of data flow based on user, source and content.
  • And also allowing to force email encryption when security-sensitive content is detected.

3. Archiving with Proofpoint’s pioneering 20-second SLA. Think of the time savings for employees who regularly search through email¬-boxes over the course of a year. And it doesn’t matter if it’s 1,000 or 100,000 mailboxes.

Combine the above with Proofpoint’s world-renowned Security Awareness Training and your business operations are guaranteed to remain unhindered by issues like Business Email Compromise and Email Account Compromise. Not to mention the visibility of internal propagation – which 99% of the time is done through email “spread”.

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